Annual Report 2017

   Annual Report 2017

Project 1: – Training of life skills and awareness workshops within the project of rehabilitation and enhancement of food security in the West Bank and Gaza. Funded by: – Care International in partnership with the Women Media and Development “Tam”

The main activities of the project:

– A training course was conducted on life skills such as communication skills, negotiation skills, strategic planning, management and coordination of public meetings.

– Beneficiary Category: 40 women from all governorates where the category was divided into two groups of 12 hours per group.

– Five awareness-raising workshops about women’s rights were implemented from the point of view of international human rights conventions and emphasis was placed on women’s rights to inheritance in particular.

– The target group of workshops was more than 100 men and women from different governorates.


Project 2: – Supporting youth in crisis. Funded by: – United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in partnership with  Save Youth Future Society

The main activities of the project:

– “Women Make Reconciliation” Initiative.

– “Think of others” Initiative.

– “Sawa” Initiative.

– “A recreational trip for children  with cancer patients” initiative.

– “Decorating Schools” Initiative.

– “Distributing bags of non-systematic activities to children” initiative.

– “Distributing gifts to Children with Hearing Disabilities” Initiative.

– “A film documenting the suffering of cancer patients” Initiative.

– “An entertainment day for youth and identifying the international institutions” Initiative.

– “Distributing first aid kits to institutions” Initiative.

– “Psychological Support” Initiative.

– “Distributing tables and chairs to some poor families” Initiative.

– “Installing wooden umbrellas in front of schools” Initiative.

– “Distributing wristwatches to physical disabled people” Initiative.

– “Installing Wooden Umbrellas” Initiative.

– “A film documenting Youth Initiatives” Initiative.


Project 3: – Combating violence against women is your responsibility “Support Her”.  Funded by: Heinrich Böll

The main activities of the project: – Ten awareness workshops were implemented in cooperation and coordination with the partner institutions.

– Five awareness workshops were conducted in five universities in the Gaza Strip, attended by 221 students of faculties of Journalism,Media.

– A documentary film was produced to show different social views of violence against women. It was filmed during the implementation of the awareness raising workshops in the institutions and universities.

– Three radio episodes were produced and broadcasted on various points of view that discuss the role of educating about violence against women by targeting men and focusing on their contribution as activities on reducing the phenomenon of violence in the Gaza Strip.

– An online campaign was launched through Facebook and Twitter, in which the documentary and radio episodes also were published. The campaign was labeled “Support her”, received more than one million impressions and about 200 users participated on Twitter.

Project 4:– Data collection for research on gender-based violence. Funded by: – Contract with the researcher DR. Rima Hammami.

The main activities of the project:

– Interviews were held with a number of activists who work the field of training, raising awareness and providing various services to women victims.

– Interviews were conducted with a number of institutions that provide various services to women victims and survivors of violence.

– A number of analytical papers were prepared about women victims’ status and the quality of services.

– The results of personal interviews were released and analyzed in the final report

 Project 5:– Core Fund “partially” for operating expenses. .Funded by: – The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor

The main activities of the project:

– Recruiting a new staff member according to the structure of CMC to fill the position of “Fundraising coordinator” in addition to a fundraising assistant.

– A strategic expert was hired to prepare the strategic plan 2018-2020.

– Six youth meetings were held about the national reconciliation.

– Twelve hours training was implemented about children’s rights in cooperation with the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR).

– Eight hours training in media skills (visual and audiovisual content) was carried out to use them through social media in cooperation with a professional trainer voluntarily.

– Ten hours training of life skills was conducted to media professionals in writing CV and preparing them for job interviews.

– An online campaign was launched through Facebook, Twitter. The campaign was labeled “Protect Them” which talks about child labor.

– An online campaign was launched within the activities of the 16-day campaign to combat violence against women. The campaign was labeled “Stop Violence”.

– Two awareness workshops on local laws and women’s international conventions were carried out.

For more details about our projects click on the link below.

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