Annual Report 2016 

   Annual Report 2016


Project 1: – Enhancing the role of media to reach justice, Funded by: (SAWASIA), United Nations Program (UNDP) and United Nations Women’s Fund’s Program, Strengthening the Sovereignty of Law Program, Justice and Security for the Palestinian People.

The main activities of the project:

1-Intensive trainings to raise awareness and enrich knowledge for journalists

2-Implementing 8 sessions to discuss different topics.

3-Producing 10 radio broadcast

4-Producing three TV reports.

5-Publishing 25 reports by trainees.

6-Producing two copies of Nasar newspaper

7-Implementing two sessions in the West Bank about “The impact of the Palestinian judiciary and its effect on citizens’ life and rights”.


Project 2: – Women want to end the split, Funded by: Heinrich Paul Foundation.

The Main activities of the project:

1-the target group were chosen carefully by the center and its partner institution.

2- twenty-five hours training sessions have been implemented.

 3-Twenty-five interactive short films were produced about the impact of the Palestinian division on the women.

4- Fifty- seven photographs were prepared to document the situation of the Palestinian society before and after the Palestinian political division.

5- An electronic media campaign was launched to end the split.

6-Three feminist initiatives were launched to promote national reconciliation.

7-A social media campaign, called for ending the split which a huge number of social media activists participated in the campaign.

8- A march next to the legislative council, where 200 women participated.



Project 3: – Stop violence against women, Funded by: United Nations Trust Fund for Ending Violence against Women.

The main activities of the project:

1- More than 114 stories were produced discussing the stories of women who were exposed to violence. These stories were published on the Center’s website. In addition, some copies were sent for local and regional media agencies.
2- A production of a 12-minute documentary film reflecting the series of the life of women subjected to violence.
3- Twenty radio episodes were broadcasted on various topics related to the issue of violence against women.
4- 100 copies of the poster and 1500 copies of a brochure on violence against women were printed.
5- The preparation and broadcast of 20 radio episodes on various topics related to the issue of violence against women.

6- Implementation of 20 awareness-raising workshops on the issue of violence against women, and discussing protection mechanisms. Almost 611 men and 734 women were targeted and 20 partner institutions were cooperated in implementing the workshops.
7- An online campaign was launched via Facebook, Twitter, and corporation with Social Media Café-Gaza. The campaign was labeled “Stop the violence”, which received more than one million impressions and about half-million users participated on Twitter.
8- A one-day conference was conducted that was labeled “Addressing Violence against Women is our Responsibility”. More than 360 persons of women and representatives of International and local institutions working in combating violence against women. A documentary film was screened which was produced in the first year of the project and three papers were discussed in the conference.

For more details about our projects click on the link below.

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